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Ripple Mind one of the best Web Hosting Consulting firm in Bangalore, India. We support you to host website globally irrespective of any business, association or service, making your online presence worldwide.

Ripple Mind one of the best Windows Hosting consulting firm in Bangalore. Our in-depth understanding of hosting features offers the power of scalability and reliability. Windows Hosting plan is an important advantage for those who are using ASP, ASP. Net, Microsoft SQL Database, etc., which is compatible with Windows Server

If you are going to launch a website for your personal or enterprise businesses, Web Hosting plans based on Windows hosting technology is an ideal choice for private windows server. This will maximize the reliability and scalability.

Windows Hosting vs. Linux hosting


Linux hosting is the most popular web hosting platform compared to Windows Hosting. It covers Linux and Unix variants which offer several benefits and extra features. The Linux web host is comparatively cheaper than Windows. However, Windows hosting platform have escalated due to compatibility with ASP and .NET scripting language which is far away from Linux hosting platforms.

One of the main advantages of Windows Hosting platform its compatibility with scripting languages of ASP and .NET support. It also supports PHP, Perl and Python which can be very influential and are becoming more popular. Though, Windows hosting has amplified its popularity, it has not yet overtaken Linux Hosting. Windows hosting is much costlier than Linux hosting platforms.

Our Windows Hosting Consulting benefits:

Ripple Mind is one of the Premier Windows Hosting consulting services which provide you with the resources of performance with secured features. We have cited some of the benefits:

Performance: Windows hosting platform is efficient and fast at performance level.

Static pages: Windows platforms can host static HTML file.

Access compatibility: Windows platform collects data from database options such as; MySQL, MS Access.

Best Hosting Features

We simplify the process of providing you with the perfect windows hosting consulting features starting from basic to advanced plans with exciting features in launching your website.

Windows Hosting Consulting plans:

• Bandwidth.

• Number of Domains Hosted.

• Hosting Space.

• MySQL Databases.

• Website Disk Space.

• DNS Management.

• Web Analytics Tools.

• Control Panel.

• High Data Transfer.

• Storage space for graphics, photos, videos or audio files.

Multiple Support Applications:

Our windows hosting consulting firm provide you with the information resources on supported applications. We understand the importance of programming languages and database used in windows applications which requires windows server:

Supported Programming Languages – ASP, ASP.Net, ASP.Net v3.5, PHP v5 Python, SSI

Databases – MySQL, MS Access Database

Plesk – Is a Control Panel available for Windows Shared and Windows Dedicated Servers. This will give you total control on various applications such as; Blogs, Forums, Shopping Cart, Social Networking, Photo Albums, chat and many more. Ripple Mind provides a complete turnkey solution for windows hosting consulting services. Our professional team of windows hosting consulting firm Bangalore guides you with the entire phase of windows hosting features and plans for your business growth.

Dedicated Servers

Ripple Mind is a dedicated server consultant located at Bangalore, which guides you with the entire private server that is ideal to run a vast array of programs or company dealings without slowing down your website or causing any impede to its users. Our team at the dedicated server consulting company guides you with a wide range of hosting features, which gives a complete control over the server.

Dedicated servers dedicated hosting service or managed hosting services are a type of physical server that is accessible only by the client and is not shared with anyone else. This enables the user to have full control over business applications with more flexibility and dependability for a variety of businesses. With devoted hosting solutions, it is ideal for advanced users or businesses that run high traffic websites, large applications or complex databases.

Our Insights:

By comprehending your inputs, we select the perfect server for your business or to run complex applications, which includes choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Additionally, our learned team at dedicated server consultant Bangalore divulges entire information to control over the root access and dedicated hardware without any resource restrictions.

We assist you in providing the following types of server managed support:

• Includes monitoring.

• Software updates.

• Reboots.

• Security patches.

• Operating System Patches.

• System Upgrades.

• Maintenance.

Using a dedicated server hosting service provides you the resources of reliability and stability with high performance, secure features and control of an entire server. Relatively it is cost effective and it is used by websites that receives high traffic volume.

High Performance: The performance of the dedicated server ensures that we are always reliable and consistent in our services rendered. Since, you are not sharing the system resources, the dedicated servers hosting keeps running faster and efficiently. System resources like processor, power, and memory and disk space are only accessible by a single user, which keeps things running efficiently and faster as it needs to load many applications.

Greater Reliability: One of the biggest advantages in choosing dedicated server is that you will not be worrying about the server being slowed down. This will decrease the response time to crawl a website which does not affect the traffic coming to your website. Whereas in a shared server, you do not have a control over server-wide traffic, which has a threat to slow down your website or even crashed by another site.

Great Security: All resources on the server are allocated to you with top level of security. As you are not sharing the server with any third party, nobody can access your personal information on the server and there is no fear of data loss as well.

However, you can always opt for a higher degree of safety from any virus threats and you can set up your own firewall as well.

Unlimited Usage: No limitation on usage of CPU, memory and bandwidth as you will be the only user to access your server.

Customization: Dedicated server hosting allow customization options, installing new software or configuring the server for your specific needs. It also customizes Firewall Run which gives your own access to control policy.

Privacy: A web hosting company with their service contract assures in providing an outstanding job in securing information. Dedicated servers will keep your data source secure and can compete with any physical segregation.

Upgrading: The storage size of the memory is more, the disk space or extra processors can be upgraded as the need of the time arises.

Ripple Mind Technologies is a leading dedicated server consultant located at Bangalore, giving you end-to-end assistance with dedicated server hosting plans. Our experts are very well equipped with the best features and plans with more control and flexibility for your growing business


Domain Registration

Ripple Mind is a Domain Registration Consulting company in Bangalore, India and Web Hosting firm which helps you to register your domain. We provide supervision in selecting an ideal domain name according to your dealing or organization standards.

Domain name registration refers to the process by which a firm or person can secure a website domain through the process of registration. It identifies your online appearance on URL based on the IP address. Domain registration will be registered for a period of contract, usually one year, five years or ten years. However, before the registration expires, it must be renewed for the public to enjoy uninterrupted access to the same.

Domain Name Registration – by business and countries

Domain name registration requires utilizing the services of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) or national ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domain) accredited company that authorizes the domain names. ICANN ensures that all registered names are unique and mapped according to a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address.

By Business or Services:

Domain name extensions are categorized into general top-level domain (gTLD) which is exclusively used for the reason to register of domain names used by businesses.

• .com – Commercial purpose.

• .org – Non-profit organizations.

• .net – Network infrastructures, but unrestricted.p>

• .edu –Educational institutions.p>

• .biz – Registered for the purpose of business domain extensions.

• .info – Informational sites, but unrestricted.

• .gov – U.S Government entities.

• .mil – U.S Military.

• .aero – Aviation industry.

By Country:

Based on the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extensions.

• .in, .co.in, .net.in –India.

• .us –US.

• .co.uk, ltd.uk, .me.uk – UK.

• .com.au, .net.au, .org.au –Australia.

• .ae – United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It is very important to register the domain that represents your company to get an online presence in this Digital world. We provide support in getting a domain name registered, which reveals about your business information or services that are to be rendered to the world. This helps in building and overseeing your online presence, which is an open gateway for your business.

The best domain names are those which are easily remembered by people. This will help in endorsing your business. In addition to this, search engines easily distinguish the importance of domain names which gives eminence to domain names.

Our Domain Registration Consulting firm is the leader in Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration in selecting the best domains. In addition to this, your trusted association with a known domain registration assistance provider will value your business needs.

At Ripple Mind, we provide an absolute cycle in creating the best portals. Our entire process includes services such as hosting, creating, building, executing and marketing your website to attract visitors across the world. We have expert professionals who are passionate in providing assistance with web hosting, services in Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Content Writing to give the perfect website all under one entity.

Fast registration: Process of registering the domain is time consuming and minimizes cost.

Email Account: Sending and receiving emails with your own personalized email account.

Research: Complete guidance in registering of domains by researching domain names.

Ease to Use: Total control panel manages your domain name, renewal of domain name, subdomains, domain forwarding, etc.

Security: Protection from frauds, spam’s and virus attacks.

Privacy Protection: Helps in protecting your personal information being displayed in WHOIS to safeguard from spammers, data harvesters, etc.

Customer support: Premium quality of customer services via phone, email and chat support.

Our team of executives will assist you in making your business online across the globe by providing the best web hosting services for all your business requirements.

SSL Certificates

Ripple Mind is a recognized Web Technologies company, which renders services in Web Hosting plans. We are a leading SSL certificate consulting Bangalore, keeping your web servers and browsers steadily connected with the trusted SSL Certificate. Our connoisseurs will guide you with reasonably priced SSL Certificates with interesting plans and features.

Know the working of SSL and get information about SSL Certificates

SSL or Secure Socket Layer Protocol was instated by Netscape for ensuring confidential transaction between browsers and web servers. The SSL protocol makes use of a third party or a certificate authority for recognizing one or both ends of a transaction. Let us now check its working:

Browsers ensure requesting for a secure page.

Next, we find that web server will send its relevant key with the certificate.

The browser then checks whether the documentation was issued through a genuine party or not. It will then make use of the public key for encrypting a symmetric encryption key. Next, it ensures sending it to the server having the encrypted URL needed and other encrypted http data.

Soon after this, the web server starts decrypting the symmetric encryption key by using the private key. Besides, it also makes use of the symmetric key for decrypting the http data and URL.

The server will then send the requested html document as well as the http data encrypted back using the symmetric key. Finally, the browser initiates decrypting the html document and http data with the help of the symmetric key.

Web browsers and web server’s count on the SSL or Secure Socket Layer protocol for serving users avoiding their data at the time of transfer. It does so by introducing an encrypted channel for tailored communications over the internet. Usually, the SSL certificate comprises a key pair and verified identification information.

Whenever a client or web browser points towards a confidential site, the server ensures sharing the public key with the client for establishing an encryption procedure and an outstanding session key. The customer usually confirms that it identifies and relies the SSL certificate issuer. This process is also referred as the SSL handshake and it initiates a secure session which prevents message privacy, server security and message integrity.

With the help of strong encryption, at 128 bits you can calculate as much as 288 times more combinations as you would have done with the help of a 40 bit encryption. Now, with such a combination we can rightly say that this is almost trillion times influential. In addition to this, an organization needs to install SSL certificate to initiate the process of secure sessions with browsers.

At present computing speeds, any hacker with the tools, time as well as a motivation will need to enforce trillion times more efforts than before to break a particular session. In fact, for a secured session you need to opt for SGC enabled certificate. For enabling strong encryption for the majority of website visitors, ensure selecting an SSL certificate which allows 128 bit minimum encryption for 99.9% of site visitors.

Just as your passport or driving license is the proof of your individuality, in the like manner, SSL certificates are defined as your testimonial for establishing an identity in the online world. No sooner than a browser starts connecting to the server, you will find that the server will send the identification details to the browser.

Our SSL certificate consulting Bangalore provides assistance to install SSL certificate to initiate confidential transactions. We believe that each user should be able to use the internet securely with affordable SSL Certificates.

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